Brakes & Suspension

Keeping your brakes and suspension in top condition is vital to maintaining vehicle safety

One of the main functions of brakes and suspension is to provide a smooth and comfortable ride whilst driving on different types of road surfaces- even the bumpy ones. Like most car parts, your brakes and suspension will become worn out eventually. If these components are not serviced / functioning properly it can be difficult to maintain control out on the road, in some cases leading to accidents that could easily have been avoided.

Brakes & Suspension

there are many different signs that your brakes and suspensions are worn out. this can include;

  • Squeaky / screeching noise when breaking
  • Loss of proper handling in corners
  • Banging or bumping when driving over bumps
  • Slower breaking times
  • Nose of car dips forward when breaking
  • Tyre tread is wearing unevenly

Our team of experts use the latest industry standards and equipment to properly diagnose issues and remedy faults with these systems.

Labrador Exhausts and Towbars carry a range of high quality break pads, exhausts, shock absorbers, springs, struts and various other replacement parts. We are here to maintain your car’s performance and ensure your brakes and suspension are in perfect condition. Want to know more about the services that we offer? Get in touch with a member of team today!


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