Log Book Servicing

Regular Log book servicing is an essential part of maintaining you vehicle. Servicing includes oils, scheduled service items, all car parts, and a safety check report. We also provide a detailed inspection report for your car provided by one of our expert mechanics.

Most believe that they need to use a car dealership for logbook servicing to maintain their car’s warranty. However, the ACCC has confirmed that you can select a service center for log book servicing provided they are an authorised logbook service provider. Labrador Exhaust and Towbars is a licensed and qualified service center to offer warranty safe log book services.

Log Book Servicing

Why choose Labrador Exhaust and Towbars for your next logbook service?

Our highly trained and experienced experts can easily and efficiently service your car. After the service is complete, we will stamp your log book following the appropriate car’s manufacturer specifications to ensure your warranty remains valid. Here’s what’s covered by our log book servicing;

  • 100+ point safety and service check
  • Fully authorised log book service
  • Servicing done to manufacturer guidelines, using appropriate parts and lubricants
  • Log book stamps

We’ll examine your vehicle exactly the way the manufacturer intended, by the book. That’s why your quote will vary depending on the certain components and fluids that we will check and/or replace at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer.

So for a free over the quote give us a call or contact us today!

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