Exhaust Systems

Labrador Exhaust & Towbars provides a range of exhaust system repairs and services

Are you dealing with a faulty exhaust system in your car? Don’t stress, we provide expert repair and maintenance for all kinds of vehicle exhaust systems, new and old. Our team of experts are always on hand to get your vehicles exhaust working smoothly.

With over 10 years experience we provide a range of solutions that ensure your back on the road in no time. Renowned for our quality and attentional to detail, our team of mechanics are all fully qualified with formal training and certifications.

Exhaust Systems

A faulty exhaust can cost you loads in petrol

Faulty exhaust systems can cause a significant loss in vehicle power and economy. Not only does this pose a signifcant safety it also results in much higher fuel usage and alot of extra stress and wear on your vehicles engine.

For most of us it can be quite hard to properly diagnose faults with our exhaust systems ourselves. This is why having your vehicle regularly checked with a reputable mechanic is so important for maintaining the health and value of your vehicle.

At Labrador Exhaust & Towbars we use the latest diagnostic equipment to properly diagnose your vehicle and identify any issues within your exhaust system that could be costing you money!

We provide a range of exhaust system services such as;

  • Exhaust system maintenance and servicing
  • Complete Exhaust system replacement.
  • Aftermarket exhaust installation

No exhaust system issue is too challenging for our team, so call today for a free quote!

Why trust us?

Labrador Exhausts & Towbars have been servicing the Gold Coast area for over 10 years. During this time we have been faced with all kinds of vehicles and issues all requiring their own unique solution. It is with this experience and confidence that we are able to provide our customers with such a high standard of service. Over the years we have capitalised on this experience and built our business on the reputation of providing trustworthy and professional service.

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