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Who are Labrador Exhausts & Towbars?

So, you and your family are planning a caravan getaway? Are you sure you’re all packed up and ready for the trip? Not until you find the correct tow bar for your towing needs, but what is a tow bar and what does it do? A tow bar is a metal bar attached on the back part of a vehicle that is used for towing another vehicle. Depending on the needs of the owner, a tow bar can be welded onto your car or detachable, like the Labrador Exhausts & Towbars. The installation can take 2-5 hours long and also needs to be certified due to the different maximum weight requirement of each type. Keep in mind that attaching one requires modifications which may not be ideal for cars under warranty.

Different Types Of Tow Bars

There are three (3) main types of tow bars; the flange, swan neck, and detachable.

  1. Flange type is the most popular and versatile type of tow bar. It is ideal for cycle carriers, electric kits, and accessories. If you’re looking for flexibility, then the flange type is for you. Since its towing heights can be adjusted according to the needs of the towing activity being performed. However, you may have to consider additional cost for the tow balls and its visibility even when not in use.
  2. Are you the image-conscious kind of person? If so, then the Swan-neck type is your perfect fit. Like the flange type, it is also fixed at the back of your car. But it is latched in a more elegant L-shape design allowing it to blend to your vehicles’ exterior even when not in use. Of course, beauty comes with a price, and though the swan neck is slightly more expensive, it still doesn’t match the flange types’ versatility.
  3. Last is the Detachable type. Unlike the first two, the Detachable type can be disengaged from your car when not in use. This type is perfect for people who don’t do towing activities regularly. Though pricey, the Detachable type is the most convenient and easy to use kind of towbar. A perfect example is the bosal towbar, by which the owner of the vehicle can easily install.

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