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How Exhaust System Works

How Exhaust System Works

Are you noticing any disruptive noises during your drive? Do you see black smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe? These are telltale signs of a malfunctioning exhaust system. Reduce pollution and protect your health by fixing the problems of your exhaust system. To start, here are the parts that make a good exhaust system work.

1. Exhaust Manifold

Exhaust gasses are the left over fuel-air mixture from the combustion chamber. The basic job of an exhaust manifold is to collect theses gasses then redirect them to the next part – the catalytic converter. A leak or damage to the manifold can cause exhaust gasses to escape, which results in loud, disruptive noises and health hazards for the car’s occupants.

2. Catalytic Converter

After the gasses are collected, it’s the catalytic converter’s turn to process the exhaust gasses. A catalytic converter acts as a curing agent designed to remove pollutants and harmful molecules. With a catalytic converter, your car can release cleaner, less toxic, and more environment-friendly emissions.

3. Resonator

From the catalytic converter, the gasses are then routed into the resonator. A resonator is a hollow chamber that acts as a pre-muffler or a prerequisite room. In the resonator, the exhaust gasses bounce around to cancel out those annoying high pitched noises. In short, it’s a resonator’s job to reduce and change exhaust noises.

4. Muffler

The muffler and resonator are similar in that both reduce the exhaust noises. Specifically, the muffler silences the noises through an elegant system of holes and tubes.

However, a muffler sacrifices velocity for a silent drive. The quieter an engine, the less powerful and efficient it becomes. This is where a resonator comes in handy. The resonator helps in reducing noise without overworking the muffler. With both, you can have a silent but highly efficient car.

5. Tailpipe

The tailpipe is the last and lone visible part of an exhaust system. It is the protruding pipe at the backend of the car from which the final gas output is released. This is where we’ll see if the exhaust system did its job of filtering the exhaust gas into a clear final emission.

An exhaust system functions as one body together. A damaged or missing part could cause major damages not only to the environment but also to our health. Proper maintenance to all portions is important to keep a safe and comfortable journey for you and your car’s occupants.

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