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Signs of Suspension Problems

Signs of Suspension Problems

Suspensions are often some of the most overlooked parts of cars. Due to the misconception that suspensions are only about a smooth ride, they are often the last ones to get repair jobs. However, the reality is that the suspension is made up of many parts and can affect the ability to steer and turn the car. The suspension connects the body of the vehicle to the wheels and enables steering and movement. Signs of Suspension Problems Please call us for more info or contact us.

After years of supporting three to four tons of metal, your suspension parts will eventually wear out and need repair or replacement. Luckily, suspensions show some early signs of problems so that you can take the decision of replacement or repair. Some of the signs of suspension problems include:

Clunking Noises

If your car is making a clunky noise every time you drive over a pothole, or speedbump, your suspension probably has a problem with its struts. Struts are made of several parts that wear out over time. Noises that come from either side of the tires while driving could mean that the struts are wearing out.

Bumpy Ride

If your driving experience is more bumpy than the past few months, it might mean the suspension is defective. You should bring the car around to auto professionals for a quick check to figure out the cause of the problem.

Hovering Front End

One of the most prominent signs of a suspension problem is a loose front end, or if the car seems to veer to one side constantly. If you’re having trouble keeping your steering aligned on the road, it’s definitely time to take the car into a repair shop.

Irregular Tire Wear

Due to a problematic suspension, the impact on your car will be uneven while you drive. It will eventually cause the tires to start wearing down.

Noticeable Vibrations While Driving

Often the piston seal or the valve inside the suspension breaks down, causing fluid to leak. This causes noticeable vibrations on the steering wheel.

Erratic Braking

If the car is swerving when you brake or turn, it can be a major symptom of a suspension problem.

Fluid Leakage

Fluid leaking from the suspension area onto the ground is another sign your suspension needs work.

Irregular Tire Wear

A worn out suspension can cause the car to slip and slide all over the road while driving.

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