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Tips and tricks for car owners

Tips and tricks for car owners

1tip – It’s fixed or it’s FREE.
2tip – 12 months warranty or 20,000 kilometers warranty on all workmanship.
3tip – Quotes are free.
4tip – We charge below market average per hour. ( as per bosch network )
5tip – Fresh oil, cheap insurance.
6tip – If in doubt do not start your vehicle or drive it , as this may cost you many thousands of $$$$$ more.
7 tip – The more air you have in your tyres the more you will save you fuel and tyre wear.
8 tip – It’s FREE to check with us.
9 tip – Diesel cost approx 20-40% more to own and operate than a petrol vehicle.
10 tip – European brands are approx 20-30% more expensive to operate that Japanese brands
11 tip – The cheap brands to buy are some of the most unsatisfying vehicles to own and operate.
12 tip – Cheap is just another way to pay for something Twice .

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