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What Size Tow Bar Do You Need for Your Vehicle?

What Size Tow Bar Do You Need for Your Vehicle?

Tow bars are used for pulling another vehicle, a trailer, or an RV. It’s a device that is attached to a vehicle’s frame to form half of a tow hitch system, and the other end can be used to pull a variety of loads. You can also use a tow bar to pull a flatbed trailer, and you can transport cars, boats, or even smaller heavy equipment in this way.

The appropriate tow bar, with mount or pintle hook, coupled with other necessities such as safety chains and tow lights, is almost everything you will need to pull a trailer. You can get a complete flat tow kit for your vehicle, and it will likely have everything you need, and chances are you can set it up yourself.

Tow bars come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and designs. The one thing they do have in common is the way they are installed onto the underside of the towing vehicle’s frame. When deciding on which towbar to purchase for your car, there are a few things to consider. To make sure your towing experience is as simple, safe and practical as can be, you need to consider various aspects.

The Appropriate Vehicle 

A small car or one with a small engine that does not harbour adequate power will struggle to pull any large trailers or caravans, and, conversely, a small trailer with light contents simply does not require a large 4×4 vehicle to tow it. Having the appropriate vehicle is, therefore, a necessity before installing a towbar.

Types of Towbar

Fixed Flange Ball Towbar 

These are traditionally used for serious towing and are considered an extremely cost-effective option, allowing drivers to tow whilst simultaneously carrying cycles and allowing for total adjustment of towing height and additional accessories to be fitted.

Detachable Swan Neck Towbar 

These tow bars are a slimmer option than the flange bar and can be used to carry cycles but not tow at the same time. They do, on the plus side, allow total unrestricted access to a vehicle’s boot.

Fixed Swan Neck Towbar 

These towbars have the least flexible design as no additional accessories can be used with them. They are, however, compatible with AL-KO stabilisers, a factor accounting for their slightly higher price.

What Size Towbar Do You Need For Your Vehicle? 

The towing capacity of a tow bar is the maximum legal limit to the load it can safely pull. The towing capacity of a tow bar is often specified in pounds, which can range from 2,000 pounds for light loads to as heavy as 17,000 pounds or more. That said, the towing capacity of a tow bar is only part of the equation to determine the maximum load your towing setup can safely carry. You will also need to consider the maximum towing capacity of the vehicle doing the towing, as well.

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